Fr. Matt's Musing 8/26/2017

Fr. Matt's Musings August 26, 2017
Transforming the Ordinary with Great Love

In the Salesian tradition, it is in the common, daily, ordinary moments of life where we most often encounter God and discover holiness. Francis tells us that the common and ordinary become extraordinary when they are done with great love. This applies to our words, actions and relationships. I ask us to make this our theme this year that each of us will strive to transform the ordinary with great love. Think of how an ordinary day is transformed when someone tells us how important we are to them or that they love us. A phone call, card or even a well placed smile can lift our spirits. So often it is in the attitude we bring to a day, a task or an encounter which will determine whether or not it will be a positive and life giving moment or simply another check on our to do list or a drudgery which needs to be accomplished. Embrace the ordinary moments, people and tasks each day and remember that God is found in this moment and our holiness is shown in the care, attention and love we bring to each person and each task.

Hate is not Ordinary

As pastor of our community, I want OLGC to denounce the bigotry, hate and violence we have witnessed in our nation recently. Hate has no place in our community, country and world. It is tragic that in 2017 we continue to see people discriminate and seek violence against others because of the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation or their country of origin. It is frightening to see that it is more prevalent than I imagined. As ordinary people, we may conclude that there is little we can do. Yet, love calls us to act: to make sure that there is no bias in our hearts, families and parish community. Families, please talk about our Christian duty to recognize, affirm and respect the dignity of all God's sons and daughters. Not to treat each person in this fashion is a sin. Ours is a diverse community with members who have come to us from various nations of the world, with many mother tongues and unique cultures and traditions. Let us continue to celebrate that diversity and our oneness in the Lord. May OLGC be a place of welcome to all God's children, where, because of our great love, all find this parish to be their community of worship. Now, that makes the ordinary, extraordinary!

Live Jesus!

Fr. Matt