Church Announcements

  • Pastoral Plan Summary

    The planning meetings sought input in the Five Missions: Liturgy and Worship; Faith Formation; Fellowship; Outreach; and our School. These “Teams” received feedback from over 500 members, received over 657 surveys and 338 written comments to be analyzed! We had over 204 people who wanted to be contacted about their survey. We had 124 people who raised their hands to volunteer. This input included many great ideas that have been included in the strategic initiatives. The information has already influenced our annual budget and many of the activities of today.

    The final consolidated plan is now published and we ask that you review it and let the Pastoral Council know what you think. The adopted the Plan on Sept. 11th and wil be presented to Finance Council on Sept. 18th.

  • Fr. Matt's Musing 8/26/2017

    Transforming the Ordinary with Great Love

  • Marriage Jubilee Mass 10/15

    For those married in 1967 or 1992 - Join Bishop Burbidge for the 2017 Marriage Jubilee Mass on Sunday 10/15 at 2:30 pm. Contact Merle at 703.896.7402 to register no later than 9/22. More info here.