Liturgical Ministries


What is liturgy?

It is the “work of the people” as described in the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium).

The "work" to which this document refers is one's actual presence and participation in the work of God at Mass and also refers to the "work" of Jesus Christ that involves one's time, commitment, and energy to continue the work of redemption in union with his Church. Following is the description of how you can become more involved with the "work" at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church.

For more information contact Gerard Hall, Liturgy Director, 703-896-7411.

Altar Servers

Are you ready to participate more fully at Mass?
Interested in sharing your faith by witness of your actions?
Perhaps its time to consider becoming an altar server.

Altar Servers assist the priest at liturgical functions.  
Girls and boys grades 4 through High School Seniors are welcome.


Questions?  Contact Gerard Hall at 703-896-7411.