OLGC Donor Profiles

"Honoring my Mother's Legacy"


Bob Hatter's mother, Mary Cook Hatter, was a woman of strong faith. She attended daily Mass, participated in church activities and she taught her son Bob that being Catholic also meant returning one's blessings with increase to God. Her faith permeated her life and Bob's life throughout each one of their family milestones.

"We feel this gift will return some of what God has given and continues to give to us each day."

When Mary died at the young age of 50, her faith was already very much instilled in her son Bob and he worked to continue to build upon that Catholic faith she encouraged in him. He and his wife, Martha, drew strength from his mother's faith and made it the foundation of their marriage and their family life.

Throughout the years, the Catholic Church has been at the center of each milestone in the Hatters' lives – their wedding day and those of their children, baptisms and confirmations. And just as Bob's mother had done, the couple has passed this heritage of faith on to their three children, eight grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren.

As active members of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Vienna they have formed a friendship with our pastor Father Metzger. When Father Metzger first approached them about making a bequest to the parish through their will, they immediately thought about establishing their gift as a memorial to Bob's mother, Mary.

"Establishing a gift to our parish through our will was a simple way we could give back to the Church that gives us so very much, all while honoring my mother's legacy," said Bob. "We feel this gift will return some of what God has given and continues to give to us each day."

In honoring the legacy of Bob's mother, the Hatters' gift will enable OLGC to support, foster, and instill Mary's faith—their faith—in countless others.

(edited from an article on the Arlington Diocese website)