Facilities Information

Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church is fortunate to have the following facilities available for use by our school, parish and groups. The ministries schedule their events for the upcoming year in June. Once scheduled, the facilities are made available to parish groups, parishioners, and the Diocese. All outside organizations and individuals can schedule use 60 days prior to the date, if available. 

All events on campus must follow these Facilities Use and Event Rules. 

To schedule an event, please submit the Facilities Request Form below.  Once the completed form is received, our Events Manager will be in contact. 

DeSales Hall: $200/hour with $500 deposit
Capacity:  200 people with tables, chairs & dance floor, 250 people with tables & chairs, 300 people in chairs facing stage

St. Joseph’s Center: $25/hour
Aviat Room (meeting room) - capacity 12-15 people
Brisson Room (meeting room) - capacity 16-25 people

Counsel Room - (only available to OLGC groups) capacity 200 people at cafeteria tables, 100 people at round tables, 180 people with chairs only
Fr. Brisson Gym - $90/hour

Campus Fields: New Rates will be posted soon.
Upper Field
Softball Field

Contact: Events Manager 703.896.7418

Key Requests

Once your event has been scheduled and confirmed, the Events Manager will share information about how to request a key to the appropriate space.


  • Submit a Facilities Request Form below a minimum of 30 days in advance of the desired event date.
  • Confirmation of scheduling will be sent by the Events Manager.
  • Provide finalized event setup plan a minimum of one (1) week in advance of the event date.  No additional tables or chairs will be available at the time of the event.


Please review Rules for Facility Use before requesting use of the facilities.

All non OLGC groups are required to fill out a Facility Use Agreement.
All facilities requests by OLGC Organizations must be submitted at least 7 business days in advance of the requested event date. 

Facilities Request Form


Please fill out the following to request a facility use/rental. All non-OLGC organizations or individuals will require a security deposit or full payment when your event is confirmed. Email events@olgcva.org with any questions or concerns.

First Name
Last Name
Are you an OLGC Parishioner? required
Please enter full name, email address & cell phone number​​​.​
Is this an OLGC event? required
Which OLGC Mission does your event fall under?required
Is this a Diocesan event?required
Meeting, party, etc, and details of what will take place during the event.

No events are scheduled during Mass times, please consult Mass schedule. All events must end by 10:00pm.

Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Time event starts and time event ends​​​
Is this a reoccurring eventrequired
Either days of the week or dates
Amount of time needed to setup. Outside organizations/individuals will be charged for this time.
Amount of time needed to cleanup. Outside organizations/individuals will be charged for this time.
Must contain only numbers
Must contain only numbers
Room/Space Desiredrequired
Room/Space Desiredrequired
Is Food Involved? required
Do you need use of the following kitchen appliances? required
Do you need use of the following kitchen appliances? required
Do you need the other appliances?
Will beer/wine be served? requiredNo hard liquor is allowed.
No hard liquor is allowed.

You are required to fill out an alcohol agreement form with OLGC and get a liquor license from the VA Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control, click here for more info https://www.abc.virginia.gov/licenses/get-a-license/banquet-licenses.

(stools attached)​​​​​​
(Presentation layout)
(Presentation layout)​
Do you need space for a dance floor? requiredPlease note only 18 round tables will fit with this space.
Please note only 18 round tables will fit with this space.
Do you need additional equipment? (check all that apply)required
Do you need additional equipment? (check all that apply)required
Will any third party vendors be contracted?requiredSuch as a DJ, magician​​, etc.​
Such as a DJ, magician​​, etc.​
Enter details on how the space should be setup. Any changes are due 1 least one week before event.

Once you click Submit you will receive a copy of your submission. OLGC Events Manager will contact you to confirm the event and review procedures. Thank you.

OLGC Groups: Once your event is scheduled use this link to communicate your event.

All communications require a Communications Form to be submitted. 

Communications Request Form