Pastoral Plan

What is Pastoral Strategic Planning?” It is a 5-month process where those involved in the Missions of our Community have been looking at What we do right, What needs improvement? and What else would we like to be doing in the future? Since late November 2016 the OLGC Staff and Community have been busy working on the OLGC Pastoral Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 18-22.

  • This process started with the staff baselining information and then seeking the guidance of the Pastoral and Finance Councils. With their Guidance concerning Values and Visions, there had been Mission Planning meetings seeking input in the Five Missions: Liturgy and Worship; Faith Formation; Fellowship; Outreach; and our School.
  • These “Teams” then shared their findings and sought input to determine the Priorities for the next 5 years. The parish community provided feedback from over 500 members, received over 657 surveys and 338 written comments to be analyzed! We had over 204 people who wanted to be contacted about their survey. We had 124 people who raised their hands to volunteer, so we have been very busy working through those details!
  • This input included many great ideas that have been included in the strategic initiatives. The information has already influenced our annual budget and many of the activities of today.
  • The final consolidated plan was published September 9th. We asked the community to review it and let the Pastoral Council know what you think. They adopted the Plan at the September 11th meeting.

Pastoral Plan Details - Click on Specific Mission

Liturgy & Worship Mission

Strategies that support the four main goals:
  • To provide for Liturgy that is deliberate, intentional, and life giving.
  • To re-energize, revitalize, and grow the various liturgical ministries of the Parish.
  • To provide for the catechesis of the Faithful concerning the Sacramental and Liturgical life of the Church.
  • To create an environment for worship employing the principal of simple elegance.

Liturgy & Worship Presentation
Liturgy & Worship Mission Strategic Details

Faith Formation Mission

The strategies will be focused into:
  • Liturgical/Sacramental Programs
  • Formative Education
  • Experiential Formation
  • Youth Ministry Growth
  • Other New Initiatives

Faith Formation Mission Strategies - Community Presentation
Faith Formation Mission Pastoral Plan Details
Current Faith Formation Opportunities

Fellowship Mission

The strategies will be focused into the following three Goals:

  • Improved Communication and Collaboration
  • Better Facilities Access and Quality
  • Increase Participation

Fellowship Mission Community Presentation
Fellowship Mission Plan Details

Outreach Mission

The strategies will be focused into the following two Goals:
  • Grow our current activities
  • Introduce New Outreach Projects

Outreach Mission Community Presentation
Outreach Mission Details
Current Outreach Efforts

OLGC School

The strategies will be focused into the following five Goals:
  • Faith - fellowship, outreach, spiritual environment
  • Curriculum - academic areas, meeting needs of diverse learners
  • Services - extra-curricular activities, opportunities for fellowship
  • 21st Century Learners - using technology, problem solvers
  • Community - communication, feeling in touch with the school

School Mission Community Presentation
School Mission Details