OLGC Youth Leadership Team 2019-20

Thank you for your interest in serving with our team at OLGC through the Youth Ministry program. We are looking for teens that want to serve this community, try their best to live a Catholic lifestyle, are not afraid to talk out to those outside their friend circles, will work with other teens to grow our group, try your best at attendance, lead with maturity and excitement, and most of all, have a heart open to Jesus Christ so others can be helped and inspired on their journey. Please fill out the following form and you will be contacted soon.

Pro tip: Say a prayer before filling this out that the Holy Spirit can guide you now and in all your future endeavors .

Be honest with your response. Not looking for 100%, just looking to know a little more about you.​​​​
What days and time frames work best for you for meetings and events? What time commitments do you have and when do/will they take place?​ Our main gatherings are Sunday nights from 6:30pm-8:30pm. What do Tuesday and Thursday evenings look like? Any free days?​

Thank you for applying for OLGC's Youth Leadership Team! Please know that application doesn't guarantee a spot on the team and there are different factors for deciding for this. The applications will be prayerfully considered and you may be needed for other roles throughout the year. You will be notified on your status over the next month.