OLGC provides programs, workshops, and retreats that strive to support that touch of God, moving us from being mere "knowing" individuals to being "loving" people through understanding and experiencing the spiritual side of our lives. We will provide maps and fuel for that journey, a variety of opportunities for adults to develop their faith. Spring Programs

Program Offerings

Cinema Sunday: Movie & Discussion

Are you a movie buff? Do you appreciate movies for the entertainment they provide and also for the values and issues that stir you to think? Come and share with others as well. It makes for a great discussion for a Sunday afternoon. Would you like to participate or even facilitate a movie discussion?

Come join us as we view a movie, and enjoy snacks and discussion. The selection of movies include Hacksaw Ridge, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Silence, Hidden Figures, Erin Brockovich, The Sultan and the Saint.

Dates: 1/14, 2/11, 3/11, 4/8, 5/13

Time: 1 :00- 3:30 PM approximately

Place: Music Room - Lower Level DeSales

Contact: S. Janice 703.896.7418


OLGC parishioners have the opportunity to view online Catholic media in the form of programs, e-books, movies, audio sources for FREE through our parish subscription to Parishioners can experience several hours of watching, reading, and listening to the best of Catholic content.

Grateful Gatherings

Grateful Gatherings meets once a month to help develop the healthy practice of seeking God’s love in one’s life. Open to all women, it requires no preparation but an open heart.

Dates: First Wednesday of each month

Time: 9:30 - 10:30AM

Place: Cry Room

Contact: Rachel Stott

Lenten Study: Untold Blessings

Three Paths to Holiness

Our ultimate goal is to be a saint. It is our greatest calling and what is desired for us by our Creator.

Bishop Robert Barron paints a beautiful and mysterious image of what it takes to be a follower of Jesus Christ. He lays out three intriguing paths to holiness:

1. Finding the Center

2. Knowing You’re A Sinner

3. Realizing Your Life is Not About You

He also shares practical approaches to enhance the journey along these three paths.

Dates: 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20

Time: Tuesday 7 - 9 pm

Place: St. Joseph Center, Brisson Room

Cost: Study Booklet $5

Registration Contact: S. Janice 703.896.7418

Men's Bible Study: Psalms For All Seasons

by John F. Craghan (Author).

How can the psalms, those ancient Hebrew songs of praise, speak to today's believers? Can these prayers enhance the prayer life of such believers? By examining fifty-five psalms, this study demonstrates how these prayers can speak to different stages in the life of individuals and communities. Some speak to moments of balance and harmony. Others look to our times of disaster and disillusionment. Still others reflect on God's capacity to surprise and change our lives. They are indeed Psalms for all Seasons.

Dates: Mondays, Jan. 8- Mar 26

Time: 7 - 8:30 PM

Place: Classroom A, lower Level DeSales

Contact: Mike Plett or Brian Davenport

Ministry of Compassion

The Ministry of Compassion is a group to support you and others who have lost loved ones.

This Ministry offers participants caring support so that you know you are not alone; understanding of the grief process; a safe non-judgmental environment which promotes healing; and an understanding of the grieving process that encourages you not to put unrealistic expectations on yourself or others. We pray that participants will be open to letting others into their lives at this most vulnerable time and make new friends in our community of Christ.

Attendees will share experiences, concerns, and frustrations. However, you can participate at whatever level makes you feel comfortable. We want to encourage open dialogue with the assurance that everything said in our group is held in the utmost confidence. Some of the topics to be discussed are the stages of grief; love and grief, loneliness, stress, anger, depression; and, the spiritual elements of grief and healing.

If you have recently lost a loved one, consider joining the Ministry of Compassion to embrace your journey more serenely. We offer both Spring and Fall sessions at OLGC. Each session meets for 8 weeks. If you would like to participate in an upcoming Session, or volunteer as one of our group facilitators, please contact one of the below.

Our Spring session will be held as follows:

Dates: Mon. Apr 9, 16, 23, 30, May,7, 14, 21, June 4

Time: 7- 9PM

Place: Saint Joseph Center, Brisson Rm.

Sr. Janice Urbanec 703.896.7418
Pete Stahl

Scripture Study: The Psalms

The Psalms reveal Israel's response to God's covenant offer and serve as a model for our response to Him. We are probably more familiar with the Psalms than just about any other Scripture since we pray them each Sunday. Our communication with God is enhanced by a deeper understanding of the book of Psalms and of the individual psalms that reside in each of our hearts.

Dates: Tuesdays 1/9 - Feb. 13 & Apr 10 - May 8

Times: 9:00 AM – 11 AM & 7 pm - 9pm

Place: Place St. Joseph Center, Brisson Room

Cost: $26.00 for materials

Contact: S. Janice 703.896.7418

Through the Eyes of Faith

During the year, programs on issues that face us in today’s world will be offered. Check the bulletin or this page for details.

Place: St. Joseph’s Brisson Rm

Contact: S. Janice 703.896.7418

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Sr. Janice Urbanec
Adult Faith Formation Coordinator

Adult Faith Formation Events