Jr. High CCF: Grades 7-8

The Junior High CCF program emphasizes lived faith and connecting faith to everyday life experience. Our program provides:

  • Apprenticeship to the Catholic Christian life for students in grades 7-8
  • Preparation for Confirmation in Grade 7
  • Sacramental Catechesis for Confirmation in Grade 8

  • 1 child: $150
  • 2 children: $250
  • 3 or more children: $300
  • Sacramental Preparation Fee: $50 (for any child receiving Confirmation in school year)
2017-18 School Schedule:
  • Sundays 6:45 - 8:00 pm


Books from the series Be My Disciples from RCL Benziger:

  • Grade 7: Christ in the New Testament and Christ Reveals God's Mystery
  • Grade 8: Confirmation and Life in Christ Jesus
  • Online resources from the publisher for students, for parents, for catechists.

Grade 7 Jesus Christ in the New Testament Lesson Guide
Grade 8 Confirmation Lesson Guide
2017-18 Parent Handbook

Our Volunteer Policy:

Parents and adults are encouraged to volunteer. All volunteers must complete the required background check and Virtus Training session. Visit the Volunteering with Children webpage for more information.

If you would like to register your child please call the CCF office 703.896.7415.

Jr. High CCF Events