2A Confirmation Form 2024


Confirmation Candidate's Information (2024)

One of the traditional practices in the Church at the time of Confirmation is to honor a saint and take his/her name as a reminder to you of the meaning of this sacrament and to serve as a patron for you throughout your faith life. Your prayerful reflection and research will help you decide on that name. This honorary name does not change your name legally.

Sponsor's Information

Please have the Sponsor Eligibility Form/Letter of Good Standing submitted to the CCF Office ASAP. This is a signed physical letter obtained at their parish main office that you need to send back to us as a digital copy or physical copy of the signed document.

Even if the sponsor is from OLGC, they still need a form signed. Same goes for if they were a sponsor previously. We need a new form for each student from their parish.

If your sponsor cannot make it the date of Confirmation (Saturday, Dec 7th) you will need to get a proxy that fulfills the same requirements. Avoid using student's parent as a proxy.

Sponsor gets this form at their parish and has it signed at location. This completed form can be sent via email jmadden@olgcva.org and drogers@olgcva.org, via mail at 8601 Wolftrap Road, Vienna VA 22182 (re: Confirmation), or dropped off at OLGC's Administration Building.