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Adult Sports

Women's Adult Pickup Basketball: Come join us as we play pickup basketball Tuesday nights during the school year. We start at 8:30 pm (9:30 pm during CYO basketball season) and play for about an hour and a half in the OLGC Fr. Brisson Gym. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to come out and play - no prior experience playing basketball is needed. We play relaxed rules with no back-court defense, no refs or coaches, and no score-keeping. Our main aims are to have fun and encourage each other while getting a good workout (and not getting injured). Contact: Terri Francese & Diane Heim

Men’s Adult Pickup Basketball: Come join us as we play pickup basketball Sunday mornings at Wednesday and Thursday nights throughout the year. We start at 9:00 pm (9:30 pm during CYO basketball season) in the OLGC Fr, Brisson Gym. Although many players have some basketball experience, we have players of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, and so all are welcome. We have good-natured competition, calling our own fouls and violations while enjoying a good run. We also have been known to head to a local watering hole afterward to watch big games on TV. Contact: Kevin McCarthy, Duane Knauf, Derek Williams

Co-ed Softball League: In 2014, a three-team co-ed softball league was formed at OLGC. The league emphasizes participation and socialization. Our fun, social games are played on Sunday afternoons from late June to early-August at OLGC. We culminate our season with a single elimination tournament and league wide end-of-season party. We welcome all adult parishioners and all skill levels to join us. Registration begins in March and is ongoing until games begin. Contact: Jackie Madden

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Co-ed Softball League