April 21, 2018 - 25th Annual Auction Gala

"Transform the Ordinary with Great Love" at the McLean Hilton

Thank you to all our donors, sponsors, volunteers and attendees. You truly transformed our community with your love and support. The 2018 Auction Gala was a great success and night to be remembered!

There are still a few items available. Click on the link below for more information. https://one.bidpal.net/transform/browse/featured

Contact: Auction office

2018 Anniversary Auction Gala Slideshow

Meet the 2018 Auction Gala Co-Chairs:
Christy Bishop and Laureen Matta

Christy is a parishioner and likes to call herself a “lifer” of the parish. She is the proud mother of five students in the CCF Program. A gifted artist, she donates her time and talent to the church year after year. She has created many of the Auction Gala logos, including this year’s beautiful butterfly heart.

Laureen is a parishioner and a proud parent of three OLGC School students. A dedicated school volunteer, she works hard to serve and promote our school. She is an avid tennis player and fitness enthusiast. Her boundless energy is matched only by her generous spirit.

These two busy moms are bringing so much incredible energy and creativity to this year’s Auction Gala, that there is no doubt that it will be an extraordinary event!

Meet the 2018 Auction Gala Honorary Chairs:
Bev Colson and Merle Senyk

Bev is celebrating her 20th year at OLGC. During that time, she has been an integral part of the school's Front Office, playing an invaluable key role in all the activities that take place at the school.

Merle started in the school office in 1991, eventually moving to the Church Office. With unparalleled knowledge of our history and community, she keeps the entire parish on their toes, playing a huge part in all of the day-to-day operations of OLGC.

The knowledge, energy, and experience of these two ladies knows no bounds! They tirelessly and humbly work to ensure that our community thrives. We are grateful for their dedication and pleased to celebrate them as this years’ Honorees at the 2018 Auction Gala!

Save the Date for next year's

Auction Gala - March 23, 2019!

Save the Date for next year's

Auction Gala

March 23, 2019!

Butterflies making a heart

A HUGE Thank you to our Sponsors!