Annual Auction Gala

The 27th Annual Gala on March 27, 2019 was canceled and was conducted online. 

The special appeal was for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul: 

"The OLGC Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul is especially grateful to the OLGC Parish for its past tremendous support of our mission to help those in need. At this time our need is especially great. During this current pandemic with so many not working or even losing their jobs, our conference has already experienced an increase in calls for financial assistance, as have most other conferences in our diocese. We will continue to provide assistance daily as long as our funds allow. We are grateful to the auction committee for allowing SVDP to be the recipient of the “raise the paddle” proceeds  this year through an online campaign. We ask our parishioners to please keep SVDP in mind as you are browsing the auction items. We need your help! Thank you all for your wonderful continued support.

Decisions like this are never easy, but thanks to an incredible effort by the Auction Gala Committee, it is one we are prepared to make.  Our committee has put in a tremendous effort this year.  Special thanks to Catherine Irisari, Laureen Matta, and Luisa White who have worked tirelessly to put together an incredible catalog of wonderful items for you to bid on.  And Barb Rosecrans, Katia Senyk, and Angela Icaza who have spent innumerable hours arranging, detailing descriptions, and photographing each item so that we can bring the auction to you virtually.  We also thank our Honorees, Charles Fulghum, and Heidi Snyder.  The love and care they show to our OLGC Community and the humble leadership they exemplify in their volunteer activities are to be commended and celebrated.  We are sorry to not celebrate them in person this month but look forward to doing so at another time. 

2020 Auction Gala Honorees:
Charles Fulghum
Heidi Snyder 

Read more about Charles and Heidi at

2020 Committee Chairs

Regina Allegra
Sarah Allison
Jennifer Bliven
Linda Cordovana
Mary Ellen Estes
Babette Fernandez
Julie Gazala
Sarah Guixens 

Angela Icaza
Catherine Irisari

JoAnne Kinyon
Laureen Matta
Barbara Rosecrans
Amy Schlanger
Katia Senyk
Merle Senyk
Raelene Sok
Margaret Walter
Luisa White
Pam Yanni