Faith in Action Post

Helping families be self-sufficient

OLGC working with Britepaths

Thank you to all who donated and volunteered for this month’s outreach project.  We collected around $6,500 in cash, checks, and gift cards for Britepaths to assist their Food Bridge families! The cards will be sent out to our families next week so they can purchase fresh, healthy food while they work with our staff and volunteers to budget, pay off debt and become financially self-sufficient.

Britepaths is thankful for all the ways we help their families each year.

And a few families sent in notes:

It's a blessing each day to know that there's someone else who cares and has a gracious heart to serve and be generous to others! My boys and I are truly grateful and thankful for your acts of kindness ❤️. Thank you again, CS

I wanted to express my appreciation for your help during this time for my family and I. We are so very grateful to have helpful recourses such as yourself to assist us & our families during these unprecedented times! Thank you kindly for all your help !! KS

I wanted to thank you guys from bottom of our heart for helping as In time of need god bless you and family for being there for us. thanks a lot. NK

Thank you so much for providing help. I am a single mom and do what I can to make it so that my daughter will have a better life. It’s awesome to know that there are good people in the world that are helpers. Thank you. M. S.

Hello Our Lady of Good Counsel, The word support is defined in many cases as: “To bear all or part of the weight of someone”, and each and every time when I’m supported by Britepaths through its donors like you I don’t take for granted the continuous generosity love and care I’m provided. But in understanding the importance about the how and why around your support and the continuous nurturing I’m provided keeps me motivated to working harder and longer toward reaching my meaning, purpose and becoming sustainable in life.  Thanks so much Peace and blessings. Sincerely, A.T.