Music Ministry

The Music Ministries at Our Lady of Good Counsel parish strive to pray and to praise God through music and song while assisting our worshiping assembly as they strive for "conscious, active and full participation" ~ General Instruction on the Roman Missal, #18

Although the primary music minister at Mass is the worshiping assembly, the Music Ministry is an essential life-giving element in the spiritual life of the parishioners at Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Choirs and Ensembles

9:30 Contemporary Ensemble

The 9:30 Contemporary Ensemble serves at the 9:30 am Sunday Mass throughout the year with a mostly contemporary liturgical music repertoire and instrumentation. They rehearse on Tuesday evenings and on Sunday before Mass.

11:15 Choir

The 11:15 Choir, singing mostly in multi-part harmony and accompanied by organ or piano, serves at the 11:15 am Sunday Mass from early September to late June. Their repertoire includes traditional hymnody, mostly for the organ, and contemporary pieces that are appropriate for the piano. They rehearse on Thursday evenings and on Sunday before Mass.

5:30 Ensemble

The 5:30 Ensemble serves at the 5:30 pm Sunday Mass throughout the year with a mostly contemporary liturgical music repertoire and instrumentation. They rehearse on Wednesday evenings and on Sunday before Mass.

Spanish Ensemble

The Spanish Ensemble serves the worshiping assembly in Spanish for the 1:00 pm Spanish Mass.

Serenata Fil/Am Community Choir

The Serenata - Fil/Am Community Choir provides liturgical and spiritual music in the Filipino style and language. In particular, they provide the music for the annual Simbang Gabi celebration during Advent and the annual Mass in honor of Filipino Saint Pedro Calungsod. They rehearse on Friday evenings and as needed.

Serenata has participated in multi-cultural concerts sponsored by the Diocesan Offices of Multicultural Ministries, collaborates with OLGC choirs during Lent, Easter and Pentecost, sings at the monthly Filipino Mass at St. Bernadette’s Parish in Springfield, VA, provides the liturgical music once a year for the monthly Filipino mass in honor of the Birhen Ng Antipolo (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) at the Crypt Church of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.

Resurrection Choir

The Resurrection Choir ministers to those in mourning by providing a presence through singing during Funeral and Memorial liturgies. As Funeral liturgies are often during the work week, it is helpful for choir members to be available at those times. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed and before the Funeral/Memorial Mass.

Combined Choir

Through the Combined Music Ministries, the Music Ministry of Our Lady of Good Counsel, singers and musicians alike, share their unique genres and instrumentation throughout the Liturgical Year for various special events, such as the Thanksgiving Interfaith Service, Confirmation, the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, the great Easter Triduum, to name a few. Rehearsals are held in advance of the events.

Combined Music Ministries opportunities:

January - Feast of St. Francis De Sales

Spring - Triduum services of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil

Fall/Winter - Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

Sacramental Celebration of Confirmation

Contact: Gerard Hall, Director of Liturgy, 703.896.7411

Sound System Upgrade

"And how can they believe in him of whom they have not heard?"

A working sound system was overwhelming the #1 priority voiced at both the Liturgy community meeting and the survey conducted for our Pastoral Planning. From the beginning we wanted to make sure that everything would be done to ensure that we would have a sound system that provided for the multiple needs of the worship space. We quickly learned that this would involve more than just replacing the sound system: it would also include addressing the way that sound travels and is absorbed in the building.

Second Progress Report:

In the last update we talked about securing an acoustician. The acoustician has been out and has mapped the sound of the church. He then will take that data and using a model of the church and will work with sound engineers to make recommendations on alterations, such as acoustical tiles on some of the ceiling panels. We are awaiting their report with specifications for needs based on their expertise and their findings. At the same time, sound engineers will be taking this data and provide to us a needs-assessment of sound equipment for the church. As you can see to have a working sound system is more than just replacing microphones.

While we had hoped to have all of this completed by the First Sunday of Advent, we recognize that the thoroughness of the process is more important that an end date. We appreciate your patience as we do everything we can to provide for a working and complete sound system for our parish.

First Progress Report:

A committee was formed and began meeting.

The committee identified three priorities for the sound system:

  1. It be a working system designed for the building and for the multi-use/need of the community's worship.
  2. It be an integrated system which is one system for word and music.
  3. It be designed to incorporate a "loop" system for the hearing impaired and challenged.

An acoustician, an individual who is a specialist in acoustics (sound), has been secured. The person has come out to inspect the church building, its design, finishings and furnishings, and spent a couple of weekends with us to experience the needs and uses for amplification of sound at all the Masses. A report has been provided with specifications for needs based on their expertise and their findings.

Based on the report the Acoustic Committee will create a timeline for the process with target dates and ultimately a date for installation and completion. In addition, we will look at our present system as well as the equipment used for the music ministry, including the organ and piano and how all of this will work (or not work) within a new sound design and system.

The 2nd collection on May 5/6, 2019 was for our parish special needs designated for the new sound system.

Contact: Gerard Hall