Prayer Opportunities

Prayer places our understanding in the divine brightness and light and exposes our will to the warmth of heavenly love. ~ St. Francis de Sales

OLGC Praying College Moms

Our children are growing up in difficult times. Remaining pure and true to their beliefs is very difficult. They need our prayers.

  • To discover the peace and comfort of parents praying together in support of their college age children.
  • To invite all moms and dads to come pray for their children living away from home, at its monthly meetings
  • Meetings are based on Maribeth Harper’s new book, "And So We Pray: Guidance for Moms With College-Aged Young Adults". Books will be available for purchase or you can order on Amazon.


Date: 2nd Sunday of each month see bulletin & website calendar to see when sessions will start

Time: 6:45 pm (following the 5:30 pm Mass)

Place: St. Joseph Center, Brisson Room

Contact: Maureen Allen and Laura Glass

Resources: Praying College Moms Website


Evening Prayer – Prayer with and for the Parish

We gather together as a parish community to pray Evening Prayer. Evening Prayer is composed of Psalms, Scripture, Song and Prayers of Intention. Each month we will focus on a different intention. Prayer is followed by a light reception in the Narthex.

Dates: 1st Monday of the month

Time: 7pm

Location: Chapel

Contact: Gerard Hall, Director of Liturgy, 703.896.7411

Grupo de Oracion en espanol

El grupo de Oracion "Semillas de Cristo" se reune los Viernes a las 10:30 am. Es un grupo Internacional que cree que en la union esta la fuerza y con la misma fe rezan el Rosario, leen y comparten mensajes de la Biblia, hacen oraciones de Alabanza, Gracias, Perdon, Intercesion y Entrega. El encuentro se finaliza con canciones a la Virgen y al Corazon e Jesus. Todas las personas estan bienvenidas a este Grupo.
Contactar: Gutty Fasullo

The Spanish prayer group, "Seeds of Christ," this international group of participants celebrates their deep faith in God by praying the Rosary, reading and reflecting on Bible passages, calling upon God's aid through intercessions, and giving thanks for our daily blessings. Our group usually concludes in prayerful songs dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Jesus. All are welcome to join us in prayer.

Dates: Every Friday

Time: 10:30am

Location: Cry Room

Contact: Gutty Fasullo

Our Lady of Grace

We come together to pray, sing, pray the scriptural rosary, and have quiet reflection. Our prayer includes the Divine Mercy Chaplet, intentions, and religious songs.

Dates: Every Thursday

Time: 3-4pm

Location: Chapel

Contact: Katherine Fraizer

Rosary for the Persecuted

Thoughtful recitation of the Rosary for those persecuted for their faith. New information on current issues is shared each week. Since they are doing the suffering, we can do the praying!

Dates: Every Thursday

Time: 6:45pm

Location: Chapel

Contact: Rafael Cervantes