Power Pack Drive: Sat & Sun Oct 24 & 25th

The Power Pack Program (P3) is a Food for Others program that provides supplemental weekend food to a large number of students in Fairfax County public elementary schools. The students tend to be on the free and reduced meals program during the school week. Their access to food over the weekend is limited and they experience hunger between school meals. Food for Others’ P3 helps guarantee that food-insecure students will have food to eat on the weekends. 

P3 provides elementary school students with a pack of food they can bring home and eat over the weekend. Several children in our area have little or almost nothing to eat between their Friday lunch and Monday breakfast meals provided at school. The Power Pack (which contains 2 items for breakfast, 2 items for lunch, and 2 items for dinner, plus 2 snacks and 2 drinks) helps alleviate hunger for local children in need and enables them to focus on their school work.

ITEMS: Signup www.signupgenius.com/go/409044AABA92CA13-food
Drop off your items on Sat. Oct. 24th 8am - 6pm & Sun. Oct 25th 7am - 5pm in front of DeSales Hall.  Donations will NOT be accepted at OLGC until that weekend. SignUpGenius lists will be posted to solicit specific donations for the “power packs.

Please DO NOT include; peanut butter or items that include peanut butter, candy, Pop-tarts, Vienna sausages, glass containers, high sugar items, apple sauce cups with tinfoil lids, or bottled water.

VOLUNTEERS: Signup www.signupgenius.com/go/409044aaba92ca13-volunteers1 
Volunteers are needed to accept donations, fill the bags, deliver them to Food for Others - SignUpGenius list coming. The plan is to accept donations and fill the packs that same weekend. The packs will be delivered to Food For Others on Monday, October 26th. 

If you are not currently on our contact list and would like to be notified or have any questions or concerns, kindly email us at olgcwomen2019@gmail.com. Your help is greatly needed to make a difference in the life of a hungry child.

Items are single/individual size packs NOT family size. 

Breakfast Lunch/Dinner Snacks Drinks

Oatmeal Packets: Apples & Cinnamon, Maple & Brown Sugar, plain, etc.

Mac & Cheese Cups; (single/individual size) Velveeta, Kraft or others


Applesauce Squeeze packets (all flavors)

Fruit Cups (in juice NOT syrup)

100% Fruit Juice boxes




Cereal (Individual Sizes .75oz-1.2oz): Fruit Loops, Pops, Raisin Brand, etc.

Tuna/ Chicken Salad Kits with Crackers (single/individual size) 

Cheese & Crackers (no peanut butter)

Capri Sun Juice Packets

Granola, Breakfast & Chewy Bars

Hormel “Compleats for Kids” Meals (single/individual size) 


Granola Bars

Goldfish crackers

Shelf-stable Milk

(Horizon and YooHoo individual boxes in any flavor)

Nutri Grain Bars

Prego or Pace Ready Meals (single/individual size) 

Chef Boyardee (single/kid serving size): Beefaroni, Ravioli, Spaghetti & Meatballs, chicken and rice, etc.

Fruit Snacks (Welch’s)

Dried Fruits (Raisins)


Thank you for your help and generosity!