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Solutions for Eldercare Challenges: Feb 18th
Solutions for Eldercare Challenges: Feb 18th

Learn how to approach this life stage.

On Tuesday, February 18th, The Women of OLGC sponsored an enlightening session led by Mr. Steve Gurney, founder of the Positive Aging Sourcebook at DeSales Hall attended by more than 60 OLGC parishioners and community members. He focused his discussion on "Solutions for Eldercare Challenges." One participant shared that Mr. Steve Gurney made "aging" sound like the best party of the year! Through his expertise, he was able to provide caregivers and individuals preparing for their own long-term care, proactive techniques to plan ahead. Attendees were able to gain wonderful insight and get their questions answered. Mr. Gurney is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County School of Aging Studies.

Click here to view Steve's Power point presentation.

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Steve Gurney, founder of the Positive Aging Sourcebook and Adjunct Professor at the UMBC School of Aging Studies will share his unique perspective and will review ways you and your loved ones can creatively approach this life stage no matter what your age or ability, and identify resources on where and how to live that are customized to your unique needs.

Steve discussed resources for Aging in Place, Home Sharing, Walkable/Maintenance Free Communities, Assisted Living, Life Plan Communities and other living options. He talked about resources, organizations, and professionals who can help you not have to walk the road alone!