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3rd Annual Fish Fry Recap
3rd Annual Fish Fry Recap

Hosted Bishop Burbidge, withstood a hail storm, engaged 250+ volunteers, and served 5K meals.

What started as a simple vision from two Pittsburgh transplants—Russ Weaver and Chris Collins—three years ago continues to blossom. Russ and Chris joined together with Nick Lopes, Scott Kelley, and Andrew Zaso to make up a team known as the "Fish Fry Guys". This team, their families and a leadership committee of Eric Andres, Valerie Harnisch, Moira Hayward, Renie Jacobs, Carolyn Lynch, Rachel McCarthy, Tim McConville, Dagny Shiells, Andrew Smalera, Tim Strike, and Irene Zaso have done an outstanding job bringing the community together, engaging a diverse group of volunteers by tapping into parishioners' given and hidden talents. Father Hillyard and Father Dolan both supported and volunteered at the event throughout the season.

A HUGE thank you to all who volunteered this Lenten season or supported the Fish Fry by enjoying made-from-scratch menu items and homemade delicacies. The Fish Fry team's success is due to all the contributions of volunteers that hustled in the kitchen during Thursday prep to cut 2,400 pounds of Alaskan codfish, hand-cut 450 pounds of french fries, devein and batter 540 pounds of shrimp, make the coleslaw, and prepare the tartar, rémoulade, and cocktail sauces. It has been said that these jobs are the best way to make new friends! Event day Fridays started mid-day, to set up, decorate, prepare 29 gallons of oysters, and make homemade macaroni & cheese and rice & beans. To prepare 800 entrees Mark Robinson would purchase and deliver needed items weekly, and there were an endless amount of dishes that needed to be washed – a special thanks goes to Hank Reinhart and Dan Aloisi.

During these past six weeks, OLGC parishioners, community, and friends came together to break bread in DeSales Hall or ordered carry-out to take their meals home to enjoy. To reflect the diversity of the parish, the Filipino and Hispanic ministries prepared rice and beans along with special ethnic desserts, and the school families and parishioners made delicious homemade desserts!

A diverse group of individuals that ranged in age and walk of life volunteered, but many groups and committees made joint efforts to show their support to include:

• Boys Scouts
• CCF Students
• Fil/Am Community Ministry
• Girl Scouts
• Hispanic Group
• Knights of Columbus Santa Maria Council
• Men's Club
• School students and staff
• Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
• Single Seniors
• Youth Ministry
• Young Adults
• Women of OLGC

Through the generosity of Fish Fry attendees, the 50/50 organized by Nick Lopes and Bill Page raised more than $1,500. Additionally, many local businesses contributed to the success this year, including:

• Abe Lincoln Signs,
• Caboose Brewery,
• Italian Gourmet
• Kelley Tree Service,
• Lombardi's Pizza,
• Norm's Wine and Spirits,
• Skorpio Maggio's, and
• The Dress Code

Our 4th annual Fish Fry will kick-off on Friday, February 28, 2020! For more information, contact