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Power Packs Prevail
Power Packs Prevail

Thank you for helping those in need.

On March 20, thanks to your generosity, volunteers filled 1,026 "power packs" for needy children in Fairfax County elementary schools. This continues to be a very important food drive, as many children have little or no food at home and this "power pack" program helps get them thru the weekend.

Please note that children receiving these "packs" are eligible for free or reduced breakfast and lunch at their school during the academic year; however, weekends are an issue but these 10 items are a lifeline for them.

Per Nikki Clifford, Food for Others coordinator for Fairfax County "power packs", additional packs have been requested for the 2018/2019 school year. Children in 29 schools receive them but the number has been bumped up from 67,000 to 74,000. Food for Others gives out approximately 2,000 "power packs" per week. Please also note that many Fairfax Schools that need the "power packs" are not on the list because organizations and churches provide for them on a weekly basis.

This is the 4th OLGC drive we have held for the "power packs" and all the donations would not have been possible without the support of OLGC parishioners and school families. Your generosity continues to amaze us and we are most grateful.