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Power Packs Completed
Power Packs Completed

2723 pounds of food was delivered!

Thanks to your generosity, on Tuesday, March 20, volunteers filled 755 "power packs" for needy children in Fairfax County elementary schools. This was a very important food drive, as many children have little or no food at home and this "power pack program" helps get them through the weekend.

Per Food for Others, we donated 2,723 pounds of food, double what we did in December!

All of this would not have been possible without the support of, not only the parishioners and the school families that donated before the event, but also the Food For Others Committee, the Vienna Knights of Columbus, who contributed $200 and the Fish Fry patrons (thru 50/50), who collectively donated $817. A special thank you to Peggy Loudin, Marianne Palen, Ann Streb, and Tina Wickham for purchasing items needed for the "power packs" on behalf of the Fish Fry patrons.

Another thank you goes to the youth group and the 7th graders for carrying all the items and bags to DeSales Hall, and to Tommy Miossi for bringing all the food to the holding room. We are really grateful for this help as all the donations were moved very quickly.

An additional huge thank you goes to those who helped fill the power packs and drove them to Food for Others. Without you, this would not have been successful: Joanne Beck, Phyllis Benson, Marti Campo, Marian Chirichella, Carolyn Colvin, Barbara DeLisa, Fr. Dolan, Mary Dolson, Patty Donahue, Mary Pat Egan, Mary Farrell, Andrea Gomes, Mary Gunst, Judy Hathaway, Jean Heim, Jane Heishman, Melissa Hylands, Elvira Jakub, Suzanne Keating, Monica Kladakis, Jim Komarinski, Ed LaClare, Amy Lopes, Peggy Loudin, Julia Maggiano, Diane McAndrew, Pat and Jim Milosavich, Cathy Novelli, Janet O'Grady, Joan O'Rourke, Marianne Palen, Merle Senyk, Jackie Shiring, Cheryl Skiados, Jeanette Sobajian, Ana Solar, Laurie Spencer, Ann Streb, Martha Tuszka, Georgene and Risden Wall, Karl Weisenberger, Tina Wickham, and Stephanie Wise.

We are grateful for your continued generosity for our many charitable programs. For more information contact

Most sincerely,

Tita Brett

Women of OLGC President