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OLGC's Prayer for Hope and Healing
OLGC's Prayer for Hope and Healing

Next event is Mon. Dec. 3rd

Our next prayer & discussion will be Monday, December 3rd at 7pm in the Chapel.
Keep all victims of sexual abuse in your thoughts and prayers.
Prayer by OLGC Parishioner -

Brothers and sisters, ask the Lord for strength to fight for our Catholic Church, to lead and never think of leaving the Church. Do not abandon Jesus because of Judas. Do like Saul who became Paul called by Jesus to proclaim his Church in our lives.

Many people expressed gratitude to Fr. Matt, Fr. John and the staff for having these meetings and allowing their voices to be heard.

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If you have topics or ideas on this please email them. As always you can communicate directly with Fr. Matt anytime.

Things we can do, because WE are the answer, and are needed more than ever:

  1. Avoid saying anything that could seem to diminish the seriousness of these revelations. We as a Church, especially those who are leaders, need to own the crimes that took place both in the abuse and the cover-up.
  2. Listen patiently and don't feel you need to provide solutions to people's anger and their grief.
  3. After listening, point them to the One who alone is trustworthy, the One who alone is our Savior and the Hope of the Church. Help them to see that it is in this same Church, the Body of Christ, so wounded in her members, where Jesus has chosen to dwell. Jesus is still present in Word and Sacrament and in the many amazing signs of holiness in her members.
  4. Do what you do best: Be who you and be that perfectly well in your ministries, in your volunteering, and in your everyday work and daily tasks.