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OLGC Inclement Weather Policy
OLGC Inclement Weather Policy

OLGC Church & School

In case of inclement weather, we follow the Fairfax County Public Schools schedule which is announced on TV, radio and We will also post the announcement on the school and church websites.

If FCPS is not in session on an inclement weather day, OLGC will make the decision. OLGC School parents will receive an email message from OLGC on school days and announcement will also be posted on the school and church websites.

When OLGC is closed, all activities on campus are canceled except for the celebration of Mass.

All are advised to use extreme caution when making the decision about attending Mass and keep in mind your personal safety and the safety of others.

You can sign up for FCPS News You Choose to subscribe and receive emails of Delayed Openings and School Closings. Due to the speed of updating, the official @FCPSnews Twitter account is generally the first and fastest mode of communication.