Baptism Preparation Session

Parents and sponsors (Godparents) are expected to attend a Baptism Preparation Session prior to the baptism. They do not need to attend the same session.
OLGC has sessions on the last Monday of the month at 7:30 pm in the St. Joseph Center or they can be attended at any other parish, proof of attendance is required.
This form should be filled out by each attendee. 


Attendee's Legal First Namerequired
Attendee's Legal Last Namerequired
Phone Numberrequired
Relationship to the child to be baptizedrequired
Name of child to be baptizedrequiredIf not born, enter the parent's name
First Name
Last Name
If not born, enter the parent's name
Date of Preparation Sessionrequired

*Please note at this time due to COVID-19, Baptism Preparation Sessions are taking place virtually, which you can do at any time once you register. Please select the date closest to todays's date for the Baptismal Prep Session. You will receive more details upon registration.

Do you prefer to attend the preparation session in Spanish?required
If Baptism will take place at OLGC, has parent filled out the Request Form?required