2020-2021 1st Reconciliation & 1st Eucharist Details


1st Eucharist Mass Instructions and Reminders

We are excited to celebrate with you the beautiful Sacrament of the Eucharist in the coming weeks! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work on preparing to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Please see below for all the details for our 1st Eucharist Masses.


1. There will be no rehearsal.

2. Please REVIEW this video on How to Receive the Eucharist: click here.

3. Due to COVID precautions, the Eucharist will only be distributed in the hand.  No reception on the tongue, and no cup will be available.

4. For those who will be receiving Holy Communion:

·       When receiving, please out stretch your arms so that the Minister can place the Eucharist reverently in your hand, while avoiding contact.

·       Step to the side, lower your mask, consume the Eucharist, place your face covering back in place and return to your seat.

5. The 1st Communicants are asked to sit on the end of the pew.  They will be directed to receive first from either Fr. Matthew Hillyard or Fr. John Dolan depending on where they are seated and should proceed back to their pew to the pew's far end.

6. Once all 1st Communicants have received, then the families will be invited to receive the Eucharist. As the family proceeds to Communion, the 1st Communicant can then move down the pew to their original seat.



1. The young ladies need to wear modest dresses and dress shoes and may choose to wear white if you so desire—no bare shoulders.

2. The young gentlemen need to at least be in dress pants, a dress shirt, and dress shoes.

3. All other guests should be in Sunday Best, modest attire.



1. Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled 1st Eucharist Mass time with your whole party (due to COVID restrictions on seating capacity, a total of 6 people are allowed per 1st Eucharist family, including the 1st Communicant) to check-in and be seated in your reserved pew. 

2. You will not be seated until your whole party is present.

3. Please bring your 1st Eucharist Banner with you to hang on your pew.



1. Masks covering the nose & mouth are required for all those aged 5 and older.

2. To maintain social distancing, there will be no procession into the Church.

3. Please review our current COVID protocols for Mass here: click here.

4. If anyone in your party is sick or has been around someone who was sick, please contact Amy de Bernardo to reschedule (dre@olgcva.org/703.896.7414).

5. If you, the child, or a family member/guest attending the 1st Eucharist Mass become ill within 2 days after the celebration of Mass and/or test positive for COVID without symptoms within 2 days after the celebration of Mass, we ask you contact Amy de Bernardo immediately at (dre@olgcva.org/703.896.7414).

6. If you or a member of your group have been told to quarantine or isolate, you may not attend service. Please contact Amy de Bernardo to reschedule (dre@olgcva.org/703.896.7414).



1. As in the past, there is no photography permitted during Mass to maintain a reverent and sacred environment. 

2. We would have usually taken group photos of the 1st Communicants, but this is not possible due to the COVID-19 circumstances.

3. Families are welcome to take photos outside around OLGC. We will not be able to host photos inside the Church since we will need to prepare the Church for the next Mass.



1. All the 1st Eucharist Masses will be livestreamed here: www.olgcva.org/live and YouTube.

2. The 1st Eucharist Mass will appear on the page on the day of 1st Eucharist.

3. Because of the setup of seating and Communion stations, it is unlikely that individual 1st Communicants will be seen on camera.



1. All 1st Communicants are invited and encouraged to attend Mass the Sunday following their 1st Eucharist in their 1st Eucharist attire and will be recognized before the OLGC Community to congratulate them on receiving their second sacrament of initiation into our community of faith!

2. The children receiving 1st Eucharist at the Sunday, May 2nd Mass will be recognized at the Saturday vigil/Sunday Masses the following weekend (May 8/9).

3. Don’t forget to signup for OLGC Saturday Vigil/Sunday Masses as usual: click here.

Questions? Contact Amy W. de Bernardo at 703-896-7414 or dre@olgcva.org.


1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist Formation and Preparation

This year 1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist preparation and celebration will look different as in years past as we are still operating under COVID-19 regulations. We understand that some of you may not feel comfortable or ready to bring your child to the table in the coming months and that’s ok. We can always delay the reception of the Sacraments to Spring 2022. Please read below for a timeline for this year.

September 2020-May 2021 Ongoing Formation: Your child’s participation in OLGC school religion classes or CCF sessions to prepare for the Sacraments and continue their formation in the Catholic Faith.

January 2021 Parent Meetings: Thank you for attending one of the parent meetings!

February 2021-March 2021 1st Reconciliation: Parents will take their children to the Sacrament of Reconciliation at one of our regularly scheduled times (Saturdays at 9 am or Wednesdays at 6:30 pm in the Church) during Lent or by making an appointment with one of the priests. Please sign up on the sign up genius below. Parents will check in with Gerard Hall or one of our 7th/8th grade volunteers at the Welcome Desk in the Narthex. Don't forget to pick up your 1st Eucharist Banner kit!

March 6, 2021 1st Eucharist Retreat: This retreat will take place at home.  Amy W. de Bernardo will send an email with the retreat activities closer to March 6th. There will be two reflection questions to submit.

April 2021 Final Preparation:  Parents, as the primary educators of the faith, are ultimately the ones to determine if your child is ready for the Sacraments.  Your child should be able to identify the Eucharist as the True Presence of Jesus Christ-Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity and should have a desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  If you ever feel that they are not ready, no problem to delay.

1st Eucharist Rehearsal: We will not be hosting a rehearsal this year. In preparation, please:

  • Attend Sunday Mass at OLGC as much as possible, but at least once (sign up here).
  • Practice receiving in the hands and with a mask at home.
  • Click here to review a video on How to Receive the Eucharist (please note that there will not be the option to receive on the tongue or from the cup).
  • Review the notes on attending Mass at OLGC during the Pandemic here.

1st Eucharist Masses: Click here to sign up for a 1st Eucharist Mass (signup opens on Saturday, February 6th at Noon)

Questions? Contact Amy W. de Bernardo at 703-896-7414 or dre@olgcva.org.


1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist Parent Formation

If you have not completed the Parent Formation or submitted your Child's Baptismal Certificate, please see instructions below.

November 2020- January 2021: Commitment Form, Parent Formation and Baptismal Certificates Due.

1.      Commitment Form.  If it is your intention for your child to prepare for the reception of 1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist in 2021, please click here to fill out the Commitment Form by December 1st.

2.       Parent Formation.  Your own continued formation in the faith is essential as you journey with your child to the Sacraments.  You brought your child forward for Baptism and gave them the beautiful gift of Baptism and Life in Christ.  You also promised to take the faith for them and raise them in the Catholic Tradition. You, as their parents, are their primary educators in the faith, and hold the wonderful responsibility of guiding them ever closer to Christ. Since we won’t be able to gather as we usually do and provide some in person formation, we are asking at least one parent from each family to complete the following:

a.       Watch the first 3 episodes of Presence and the episode on preparing your child for 1st Holy Communion on formed.org: https://watch.formed.org/presence

b.       Watch the first 3 episodes of Forgiven and the episode on preparing your child for 1st Confession on formed.org: https://watch.formed.org/forgiven

c.       After watching the 8 episodes mentioned above, please answer these 3 short reflection questions no later than Monday, January 25th: Click here.

3.      Formed.org. If you do not already have a formed.org account, please see the instructions at the end of this email on how to create a free account.

4.       Baptismal Certificate. Submit a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate to the School or Parish Administration Building if you have not done so already. If your child was baptized at OLGC, no need to submit a copy.

Instructions to create a free account on Formed.org:

1. Go to formed.org

2. Click on Sign Up

3. Select “Sign Up as A Parishioner”

4. Type in our code: VGXJ7X

5. Select Our Lady of Good Counsel Vienna VA

6. Create a free account.

Questions? Contact Amy W. de Bernardo at 703-896-7414 or dre@olgcva.org.