Holy Orders

As baptized Christians we ALL have a primary calling or vocation to be faithful Disciples of Christ. How we live out our baptismal call is unique to each person. All of the baptized are called to a common priesthood.

God has created me for some special service; God has committed some work to me which has not been committed to another. I have a mission. ~ Saint John Henry Newman

The Ordained priesthood is different from the common priesthood of all the baptized. It is a calling to a priestly ministry. Christ is the one true priest who calls the ordained priesthood to share in the Spirit's work of sanctifying the faithful. The priest is called to help us on our journey of holiness so that we can go and help the world to be holy. As the Universal Catechism says, the “ministerial priesthood is at the service of the common priesthood. It is directed at the unfolding of the baptismal grace of all Christians.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church #1547) Through the grace of God and the support of community, priests are called to be servants of God's people.

The sacrament of Holy Orders signifies and communicates the grace of pastoral care to the Church. Those who receive this sacrament receive it not for themselves or for their own spiritual welfare, but for the spiritual welfare of the whole Church. The ordained become servants of the Church, providing the spiritual nourishment that comes from the Word of God and the sacraments, as well as the inspiration to live the Gospel as Jesus intended us to live it.

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