Celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony at OLGC

“God took Eve from the side of Adam that was nearest to his heart so that their love for one another might be heartfelt and tender. God then gave them to one another in marriage. My dear friends, it is also God who has brought you together and, with His invisible hand, has forged the holy bond that is your marriage.” ~ St. Francis de Sales

By the Sacrament of Matrimony Christian spouses signify and participate in the mystery of unity and fruitful love between Christ and the Church. #8 Introduction to The Order of Celebrating Matrimony


What to do when you have decided to have your Wedding at OLGC?

First – Fill out the Marriage Preparation Form.  You will be assigned a priest for your marriage preparation. The Priest contacts you to meet as a couple and schedules all necessary appointments. At the first of these meetings, a date will be set for your wedding.

Second - arrange a meeting to plan your wedding liturgy. You will be contacted to set up this meeting with the Director of Liturgy to discuss the particulars of your wedding. The meeting will walk you through the various elements of the Wedding including the scripture readings and the music.

Some considerations:

Eligibility - In order to have your Wedding at OLGC, either the bride or groom must meet at least ONE of the following:

  • Are registered in the parish for at least 6 months;
  • Received one or more of your Sacraments at OLGC;
  • Have an immediate family member who is a registered Parishioner.

Wedding Coordinator - The Wedding Coordinator assists the family and friends who assemble on the day of the Wedding. They greet the family and guests, support and guide those proclaiming the Word, and instruct the gift bearers. They also assist the bride and groom and their families during the rehearsal and on the wedding day. There is a Wedding Coordinator assigned for each Wedding at OLGC.

Wedding Guidelines - The Guidelines for Celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony  go into further detail about celebrating a wedding at OLGC.

The Conference for the Engaged (CFE) program is designed to stimulate reflection and discussion on key aspects of marriage and family life. This is required of couples being married in the Diocese of Arlington.

Conference for the Engaged Brochure - CFE Brochure 
Catholic Engaged Encounter - CEE Brochure

Contact: Gerard Hall, Director of Liturgy, 703.896.7411