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2023-24 Avait Award Winners

Congratulations to Mrs. Terri Francese and Mrs. Julianne Bourne!  We are pleased to announce these two dedicated teachers are the winners of the 2023-2024 Aviat Award.  Thank you to all who submitted nominations for our staff members; we are blessed to have so many wonderful teachers and staff here at OLGC!  Please see what our community shared about our award winners on their nomination forms:

Mrs. Julianne Bourne guides her students to show kindness, learn responsibility, to persevere, and to show respect   every day.  Mrs. Bourne is an amazing educator!  She is honest, caring, supportive, and nurturing.  She shows faith and   hope in her classroom daily.  She tells her students to trust in themselves and trust that God will give them and show them   what they need.  She makes learning fun and builds connections with her students.”


"Mrs. Terri Francese is the embodiment of the little virtue of Gentleness.  She is caring, calm and humble.  She truly sees   the children she teaches as God sees them: as gifts and blessings.  Mrs. Francese encourages her students to try hard   things and give their best effort.  She wants her students to be their best selves and by doing so, showing a love of God   and all that He has given us."