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2018-19 Aviat Award Winners

On Wednesday, November 28th after the 8:30am Mass we announced the winners of the 2018 Aviat Award as Mrs. Yvette Luketic, Middle School Science; Ms. Stephanie Gonzales, Middle School Literature; Mrs. Ashley Richardson, First Grade.

This year eight teachers submitted their answers to the following questions:

1. Why do you teach in a catholic school? And what brought you to OLGC?

2. What does the OLGC community Theme “Called to Holiness” mean to you?

3. What does this award mean to you – in honor and financial support?

Mrs. Yvette Luketic, said “…working at OLGC has allowed me to demonstrate my faith daily and teach my students the wonders of God’s creation…Called to Holiness means that God has chosen me for this profession in this school. It means living Christ’s example in the small every day moments here at school and at home…”

Ms. Stephanie Gonzales, said “…God and God alone brought me to OLGC…saying YES to God’s many calls to Holiness is her action. Yes to teach, yes to activities after school, yes to work camp, yes to sharing her musical talents…when it would be easier to say NO…”

Mrs. Ashley Richardson, said “…teaching in a Catholic school provides me a beautiful gift – the ability to pray openly among the children, for them to witness an adult speaking honestly with God…Called to Holiness reminds me to work hard at being the best person I can be and to help others see they are also called to Holiness…it has helped me be aware that challenges that confront us are not obstacles…”

Congratulations to all of our dedicated teachers who selflessly serve our school community every day.

The Aviat Awards are funded through The Wildcat Fund and more information about past recipients can be found on our website