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2019-20 Aviat Award Winners

In honor and memory of Elizabeth and her dedication to OLGC, we are pleased to announce this year’s Aviat Award Recipients: Wendy Kehoe, Gemma Pearson, and Julie Rubio.   

From Mrs. Kehoe on the Parish Theme “All through Love, nothing through Fear or Force”: “I thought how much easier could it be – do everything with a grateful heart. But it is much more than that. To me, we should be doing everything we do with love. We should not fear how others will view us when we do something. We should not be afraid of doing the right thing when others are not. We should not fear for standing up for our beliefs even when others may not. We should always choose love.”

From Ms. Pearson on what it means to teach in a Catholic School: “My students come with their many talents and gifts and I am so blessed and fortunate to get to spend a year learning about them, however, I do not believe we are limited to the year we share in our classroom. Every student in each class I have taught now has a piece of me and I of them; I believe my students - current and former - teach me more in our year than I can teach them and I carry their lessons of love, friendship, and perseverance with me each day.” 

From Mrs. Rubio on what motivates her to teach at OLGC: “I hope that I bring the joy and passion of my faith to my students and fellow teachers each day. I want to be a good listener to each person and to intercede for them. I want to be patient in working with my students when they are discouraged and bring some consolation as they persevere.”

Through the generosity of Wildcat Fund donors, each of these teachers received an award in the amount of $1,500 to celebrate the Season of Thanksgiving in a way that will make a difference to them and their families.  Thank you to all of our amazing faculty and staff for the gifts they continue to share with the OLGC Community each and every day.