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2020-21 Aviat Award Winners

This award is made in honor of Elizabeth White, OLGC Graduate and former OLGC 2nd-grade teacher, who is remembered for her vivacious laugh and infectious smile. Even more, she is honored by those who follow in the example she set through her daily actions. Described as the embodiment of faith, hope, and perseverance, Elizabeth followed in the example of St. Leonie Aviat in her dedication to education and spirit of service. She truly embodied the Salesian call to “be who you are and be that perfectly well.”  She was always so appreciative of the Salesian Spirituality here at Our Lady of Good Counsel.   

This year, the community was asked to nominate teachers who are deserving of this award. 

Our first award winner was described as patient, kind, and loving.  Children describe her as passionate about teaching, calm and gentle, motivational, efficient, and faithful.  She takes a special interest in the children’s lives outside of the classroom as well.  She also makes Holy Communion an amazing experience for the entire family.  She is the embodiment of gentleness and patience as shown by Salesian Spirituality.  Quote, she is one of our all-time favorite teachers! 

The Aviat Award goes to Mrs. Anne Francese

Our second award winner was described as an excellent addition to our OLGC faculty.  OLGC is known for its close community and she fits right in with us.  She is one of the best teachers at OLGC, bringing a nice balance of traditional teaching methods and fresh perspectives to the classroom.  She lives her Catholic faith every single day and is an excellent example of what it means to live a faith-filled life.  She not only teaches the formal religion curriculum but her instruction is more than standard textbook assignments and discussing Mass readings.  She engages the children in creative ways that encourages them to think about what they do and say.  Quote, she is always there to help her students and she never gives up on them! 

The Aviat Award goes to Miss Katie Kidd!