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2021-22 Avait Award Winners

Please join me in congratulating our two Aviat Award winning teachers: Ms. Stephanie Gonzales and Mr. Shane Sugianto!  Thank you to all who submitted nominations for our staff members; we are blessed to have so many wonderful teachers and staff here at OLGC!  Please see some of the comments that were sent in on their behalf:

Ms. Stephanie Gonzales deserves this award because of her passion for teaching, learning, and her dedication to her students and the OLGC community.  Ms. Gonzales not only delivers her subject matter exceptionally well, but she challenges and inspires her students.  The middle schoolers learn more than literature from her, they pick up on her love for learning. Our students have been lucky to have her shape and form their middle school experience, and we are grateful for her.

Mr. Shane Sugianto has inspired our children in computer science and technology by designing lessons and classes that have inspired each of them to be more creative, critical, and logical thinkers.  Mr. Shane is an awesome teacher - both for technology and advanced math. He engages the children on their level while encouraging them to push themselves academically.  He encourages the kids to solve problems in their own way, and really listens to their explanations.  Mr. Sugianto loves teaching, and the students know and respond to this. They look forward to seeing him each day, and my children always make me roll down the window in the pickup line so that they can say goodbye to him each day.